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Front-end – part II There are also some web links

The extra so because, as you recognize, she has actually been working on her very own (React + Redux + Firebase) recently. Just how much of all of it is? That’s what Front-end looks like. If you are interested in the list, where it is all „set up”, I invite you to these two short […]

VR games for playstation 4

VR games for playstation 4

The success of virtual reality will depend on games-everyone agrees. It seems that PlayStation VR will not be a failure, because there are not enough VR games for playstation 4 that you would like to play now. Best psvr games Summer Lesson is a more technological demonstration than a full-fledged game. But that’s no reason […]

Recommend what is essentially important in these advertisements.

What needs do you satisfy in job advertisements as a Junior Frontend Designer? What is your REQUIREMENT HAVE, what is worth knowing? What requirements prevail for numerous work deals, what can be different? This as well as much more in today’s article! A short article inspired by a concern on the team Programuj, dziewczyna! (Dorota, […]